Abrasive Media Recovery and Reuse

Since 1982, GMA has been an innovator in the recovery of abrasive media, offering economical and environmentally sound options. GMA Industries has developed a recycling and reuse process for abrasives that not ONLY helps protect the environment, but also provides significant cost-savings for customers.

GMA Industries is the ONLY abrasive media source to offer a Full Abrasive Recycling Service for both Virgin and Recycled Materials.

GMA Industries’ Vacuum Acquisition Service Program (VASP) can be beneficial even to the smallest of companies. Our certified technicians will schedule a time that is convenient with your plant operations and using our mobile vacuum machines will thoroughly clean your blasting areas and remove all spent steel shot, grit, or aluminum oxide.

The GMA Advantages
-No Contracting unfamiliar cleaning services
-No Negotiating haul-away transportation services
-No Disruption of production schedule
-No worrying about worker scheduling
-Extend the Life of Your Abrasive Media
-Decrease Material Handling Time
-Eliminate Disposal Costs
-Reduce Landfill Deposit

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