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Steel Shot

AMASTEEL shot from Ervin Industries is a sphere-shaped form of steel casting used for blast cleaning to remove surface contamination in foundry products, in peening to impart compressive strength to torque or load-bearing metal parts and as a cutting medium for gang saws to process granite and marble. It is manufactured by pouring a molten mixture of premium grade steel scrap and select alloys through a series of water jets. On contact with the water, the molten metal is atomized, forming round particles in a controlled range of sizes. These particles then fall into a water tank, and then are dried, screened by size, quenched and tempered in a unique heat-treating process that assures ultimate control over the microstructure and hardness of the product, prior to final screening. It is available in 11 sizes.

Ervin Industries

Sizes Available

S-70 — S-780

Hardness Available

S 40 — 51 HRC
M 47 — 56 HRC
L 54 — 61 HRC
H 60+ HRC


40 count/50-lb. bags
2,000-lb. drum
4,000-lb. supersack

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