Company History

In March of 1982, General Metal and Abrasive Company was incorporated to service the metal working industry in recovery and reclamation of steel abrasives; cast steel shot, grit & cut wire shot.

A reputation for exceptional service, savings & products

Our primary customers performed abrasive blasting for surface cleaning and/or preparation & shot peening. Working out of a 10,000-square-foot building in Detroit, the company quickly earned a reputation for providing exceptional customer service, effective cost saving along with offering top quality products.

Continued growth created a need for additional space. In March 1986, General Metal and Abrasive Company moved into a new 26,000-square-foot facility on 4.5 acres in Romulus, Michigan.  The business expanded its plant size since, by adding 20,000-square feet of material processing and warehouse space in its Romulus location.

In 1989, the company installed a new production line to recycle and recover Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide. Soon after, the current management team assumed ownership of the company and the name was changed officially to GMA Industries in recognition of its continued diversification.

In 2003, GMA Industries entered into a business relationship with Ervin Industries, representing a new and unique abrasive media called NU-SOFT Steel Shot, which allowed the blast cleaning of soft, delicate parts without worry of damaging the surface, changing the surface profile or harming threaded or machined surfaces. This business relationship with Ervin Industries was expanded in 2012 when GMA Industries was named the Southeast Michigan Distributor for Ervin’s Amasteel Cast Steel Shot & Grit and Amacast Cast Stainless Steel Shot.

In 2004, GMA began producing our own Virgin Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide. This product is called V-Blast, the “V” standing for “Virgin” and goes along with our R-blast, the “R” standing for “remanufactured.”

Today, GMA is one of the industry’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Virgin and Remanufactured Abrasives and offers a wide assortment of abrasives for shot blasting, shot peening, surface cleaning and preparation.

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Environmental improvement is bestowed in the foundation and culture of GMA Industries.
Through our recycling program, we are committed to assisting abrasive business users with their recycling needs to achieve ISO 14001 status.

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